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The Business/Law Exchange.
James E. Rogers College of Law.Eller College of Management.McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship.
A partner program of the Eller College of Management, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, and James E. Rogers College of Law.

We are pleased to announce the Business / Law Exchange™ at The University of Arizona.

The purpose of the exchange is to increase the knowledge, understanding, and learning opportunities of issues of business and law, and particularly at intersection of entrepreneurship and law.

This is of distinct importance as business and academic communities continue advancement in an innovation-based economy.  The University of Arizona is well positioned to draw on exceptional areas of excellence in law, entrepreneurship, business and management, and science/technology disciplines to establish a leadership position in this critical study area.

Programs and Activities

Exchange programs and activities to advance the study and application of law in business environments and the ability to maximize business opportunities through understanding of key legal issues include: 

  • Stimulation of interest and participation in interdisciplinary research and teaching
  • Development of interdisciplinary fellowship opportunities, focusing on areas key to 21st century business development and the related industry and legal issues. (ie law/business/bio/water/etc)
  • Organize speaker series, workshops, and colloquia focusing on the intersections of business and law
  • Identify new course opportunities in law, Eller, and other related areas based on assessment of student demand and industry gaps and work with college representatives to develop courses and identify funding.
  • Interact with the legal community and entrepreneurial community to build support, participation, and exposure for students and program
  • Interact and promote exchange among academic communities

Mock Law Firm

The initial program of the exchange is the Mock Law Firm, which creates a study environment where students of law and of entrepreneurship engage one another in a realistic duplication of real-world new venture issues. This class has been funded and launched in spring of 2007. 

Other Planned Activities

Other planned activities for the exchange include guest speaker series, colloquia, new course offerings, fellowships, research support, and others.  These activities will be built around topics within this intersection that are of interest and value to our colleagues within and outside the university community.

We look forward to building a national leadership position in this importance area.  Stay tuned for new developments over the inaugural year of the Business / Law Exchange.



Exchange News/

December 8, 2008
Trademark Law: Protecting your department's marks and logos
Special guest Christy Hubbard, Partner of the Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group at Lewis and Roca, LLP presented an overview of trademark law and answered questions from the audience.

Presented by the Office of General Council the Business / Law Exchange--a partnership program of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, the Eller College of Management, and the James E. Rogers College of Law

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